Oil, vaporizer, flowers or capsules?

The form of consumption is not only a matter of taste but also has western differences:

CBD oil & tinctures:

  • Easy dosing due to exact quantity indication and calculable amount of CBD in milligrams
  • easy to transport and store
  • Effect of sublingual recording not immediately active, but over a long period of time
  • relatively cheap

Vaporizer / Vape Liquids:

  • very fast absorption by the bronchial system and lungs
  • Effect quickly active, but of shorter duration, e. g. with oil
  • harmful to health as the lungs are contaminated
  • often available in flavours such as strawberry milk, cookies, chocolate, vanilla, etc.
  • relatively expensive (in euros per milligram CBD)

Flowers & Tea:

  • beautiful to look at and relaxed to use
  • but larger quantities are required than with extracts / oil / vaporizers

Extract in a tube:

  • relatively difficult to dose compared to oil and vaporizers
  • can be used for your own oil mixtures or also for the production of edible CBD products such as gummy bears or biscuits
  • relatively favourable
  • Personal preferences also apply here: Speed of effect onset, taste, lifestyle, tolerance.

In any case, the oil has prevailed, followed by evaporators.

CBD Guide & Frequently Asked Questions

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