What is MCT oil? And why is it used in CBD products?

What is MCT oil in CBD products and what is it good for?

CBD is fat-soluble (lipophilic) and therefore requires a carrier oil in order to be absorbed and processed by the human and animal body.

Coconut oil consists of eleven fatty acids, which can be processed differently by the body.

The two triglycerides or fatty acids (C-8) caprylic acid and (C-10) capric acid can be metabolised most quickly and easily by the human body.

These “Medium Chain Triglycerides” (“MCT”) or “Medium Chain Fatty Acids” (“MCFA”) are neutral in taste.

Coconut MCT oil is often read. This is because coconuts are the best source of extraction because their fats already consist of more than 50% MCT.

Another source is palm oil, the cultivation and harvesting of which has assumed such proportions that it is difficult to justify its use in this form.

In other words, if the CBD product contains MCT oil as carrier oil, the body can absorb the cannabidiol and all other cannabinoids better and, above all, faster.

For full spectrum products and also for isolates, i.e. products with pure CBD addition, the interaction with MCT makes sense. The increased bioavailability reduces the required amount of cannabinoids and thus also reduces personal expenses.

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