The Ultimative Koi CBD Review (Vape Juice & Oil)

When looking at the CBD industry’s company landscape you’ll find a huge diversity. Some focus on the health side, some on the lifestyle side, some are there only for pets and others on skin care.

When it comes to fancy designs, extraordinary flavors and product range Koi CBD is definitely one of the bigger players on the market.

Is Koi CBD a Full-Spectrum or THC-free product line?

Koi CBD focusses on products with 0% THC, which is usually the case when mixing CBD isolate with vape juices or carrier oils.

Nevertheless the so called “Koi Naturals” is a full-spectrum CBD product and contains zero traces of THC. We usually recommend full-spectrum tinctures as they carry hundreds of important terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids. When all natural cannabis components work together, it’s called the “Entourage Effect”.

Koi Naturals by Koi CBD claims to be THC-free while being full-spectrum.

All Koi CBD products are officially lab tested and certificates can be looked at by all customers and business partners for each individual batch.

Price range

Vape e-liquids / juices :

  • 1000mg for $99,99: $0.10/mg 
  • 500mg for $59,99: $0.12/mg
  • 250mg for $39,99: $0.16/mg
  • 100mg for $29,99: $0.30/mg

Koi Naturals CBD oil tinctures:

  • 3000mg for $249,99: $0.08/mg
  • 1500mg for $149,99: $0.10/mg

PG/VG Ratio for CBD Juices / E-Liquids

60% Propylene Glycol (PG) + 40% Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Product safety and drug-tests

As all Koi CBD products do not contain any traces of THC this is a good brand to buy CBD oils and vape liquids from if you can not risk a positive drug test.

Veterans discount

Koi CBD offers reduced prices for US veterans. Currently their special offer for veterans is priced at -25%.

Koi CBD contact:

E-Mail: [email protected]

UK phone: +44 208 077 9694


If you’re looking for high quality for an affordable price Koi CBD is an option for you when buying the bigger sizes. For liquids you can go as cheap as $0.10/mg when buying 1000mg and as expensive as $0.30/mg when buying 100mg only. As their full-spectrum oil comes in relatively large sizes as 1500mg and 3000mg it’s already within the lower price range for a top-notch product.

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Koi Naturals: Natural (3000mg)

Koi Naturals: Natural (3000mg)

  • $0,08/mg
  • Koi CBD
  • Full-Spectrum, GMO-Free, High In Terpenes

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Gold Koi CBD (1000mg)

Gold Koi CBD (1000mg)

  • $0,10/mg
  • Koi CBD
  • THC-free

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