The Top Six CBD Subscription Boxes

Cannabidiol, the medically valuable, non-psychoactive cannabinoid in hemp, is becoming madly popular. The market for CBD products is simply booming. In the United States alone, people spent at least $130 million just in 2016. According to Forbes, CBD will likely become a $2.1 billion industry by 2020, as more anecdotal evidence shows it alleviating pain, diabetes, epilepsy and anxiety, to name but a few.

However, the sheer number of CBD businesses making or sourcing these products is overwhelming these days. Customers have great difficulty identifying those offering the best value for the lowest price. If you are looking for CBD subscriptions with the best CBD boxes, then we have done the research for you so that you do not have to. Here are the top six CBD subscription companies based on their reviews:

1.    Lucky Box Club

Lucky Box Club takes the hassle of dispensaries right out of your life by delivering quality CBD products to your doorstep each month. It prioritizes professionalism, discretion and safety for all of its subscriptions, which include a variety of curated CBD products, the most famous of which are its Medicine Box Chocolates, its Kush Queen Bath Bombs and its Papa & Berkley Releaf Patches.

2.    Discovery Club

Discovery Club prides itself on “bringing wellness to the world.” As the first of many CBD subscription companies in the United States, it is already well established. It offers CBD products for yourself, your family, and even your pets, which it does through its affiliation with over 100 different brands. You can order whatever you want and there are always special discounts available to save you money.

3.    CBD Health Box

CBD Health Box customizes its CBD boxes according to the needs of its customers. Not only do you set your individual preferences when signing up, but the company will also consider any specific conditions afflicting your or a loved one. It prides itself on formulating boxes to fit your unique profile, and it collaborates with reputable CBD manufacturers to ensure you get what you want, at 50 percent off.

4.    HempleBox

HempleBox offers a monthly subscription service for high quality CBD products. Its CBD vape comes in six different flavors, and its 30-milliliter bottles offer various choices of potency. Furthermore, HempleBox allows you to create your own CBD box, which can include vapes, tinctures, edibles, concentrates, capsules, syrup, and even topical creams.

5.    The Weekend Box

The Weekend Box offers a huge selection of cannabidiol products, making it one of the best CBD boxes available anywhere. You are able to customize your box to your personal preferences and have it delivered to your doorstep monthly. Focusing exclusively on CBD products, this company can add oils, creams, tinctures, capsules, chocolates, vapes, bath salts and even candles to your box.

6.    CBD Bath Bomb of the Month

If you enjoy relaxing in the bath, then ordering a CBD Bath Bomb of the Month will ensure you do it in style. For just $200 a year, you will get one 100 milligram CBD Bath Bomb infused with an aromatherapy blend. You will also receive samples of its other CBD products, such as salves and lip balms. This bath bomb melts all stresses. It also provides relief from sore joints and muscles, while hydrating your skin.


The best CBD boxes are those you can choose yourself. Most CBD subscription companies allow you to customize the items that you receive to some extent, but if they do not, then you run the risk of getting products you do not use or want. Before ordering monthly CBD subscriptions, always check the legitimacy of the company you plan on using. Scrutinize their websites and their online reviews.

Update: a German CBD box player is on his way

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